Drawing of Raisin’ Cane Baskets

Raisin’ Cane has been weaving fine quality, natural splint baskets since 1981.

Our love for baskets has covered over 30 years, in during which time we have hand woven hundreds, if not thousands of baskets, taught dozens of classes, and participated in numerous craft shows.

Raisin’ Cane baskets have been featured in national publications, magazines, newspapers and even the local television channel!  Raisin’ Cane offers many styles and sizes that are each handcrafted using only the finest quality materials, which are sure to add to any décor.

Each basket features our black walnut stain, locally sourced every Fall from black walnuts that have been gathered from neighborhood trees.  We render the nuts over an outdoor stove into a rich, dark stain that is hand applied to each basket.  By using our homemade stain, there are slight variations in color from basket to basket, giving each an antique and unique appearance.

Raisin’ Cane baskets are each signed and dated by the artist and are bound to become treasured family heirlooms.

“Whether you use your basket for sewing, mail, holidays, or knitting, I hope that you enjoy this one of a kind basket made especially for you!”  ~Pat Coon, Raisin’ Cane Resident Artist

Mt. Rutsen Studio tote basket

Mt. Rutsen Studio tote basket