Meet the Makers

Pat Coon; Resident Wool, Basket and Gadget Artist

Rhinebeck Village clerk by day, artist by night, Pat Coon is an artist at heart.

A basket weaver, knitter and creator extraordinaire, her imagination is infectious.

Pat has been knitting since the third grade – more years than she would care to admit – and is usually not without a project at hand.  Through a continuing education class offered by a local community college, Pat learned the art of hand dying and was bitten by the dying bug ever since!

A lover of color – Pat loves combining colors, painting wool, and producing yarn to create with.

Alan Coon; Resident ”Yarn Carousel” and Home Décor Artist

sadly, Alan passed on 9-30-2017 and will be greatly missed.  He will be remembered as- “ A retired plumber and medical miracle as a two time heart transplant recipient, Alan Coon is also an artist at heart.

A woodworker, electrician, and likeminded creator extraordinaire, he too infects those around him with his ingenuity.

Alan’s love of repurposing and problem solving has been an asset to Raisin’ Cane at Mt. Rutsen Studio.  He has been creating lamps since High School, and was even featured in the local paper back in 1964 for his first creation, a Zenith car carborator lamp that is still proudly used by the owner himself to this day – a true testament to his work!

Allyson Traver; Sales and Jack of all trades

Pat and Alan’s daughter is frequently found helping at shows.  Her vitality, smile , and warm nature make her an excellent choice for retail.  Ally is talented in her own right, knitting, and making creations for her home with her husband John.

As you can see, this is truly a family business, one that each one puts their heart into to create the best product possible for you!   We hope you enjoy our products as we have enjoyed making them!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Makers

  1. Hi Pat,

    I spoke with you this afternoon about a small bench that needs a
    16″x13″ cane seat repaired.
    Thanks for passing along my information to your daughter!


    1. Hi Lisa,
      You are very welcome. I hope Ally got back in touch with you, if not, I hope she will. She told me today she was working on chairs, so I know she’s a little busy- but good.
      Take Care,

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